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[edit] 2007 Events

Date Event Type Notes
2007/04/29 NJ half marathon Run
2007/06/02 Montauk Century (alternate) Bike
2007/06/10 Harriman #1 (sprint) Triathlon
2007/06/16 Wyckoff (sprint) Triathlon
2007/07/22 Nautica NYC (Olympic) Triathlon This one looks awesome
2007/08/19 West Point (sprint) Triathlon
2007/08/19 Harriman #2 (sprint) Triathlon Greg will do West Point over this
2007/09/16 Greenwood Lake (sprint) Triathlon Date not set. Looks like it is the same day as YJCC 10K
2007/09/16 YJCC 10k Run
2007/09/23 Westchester (Olympic) Triathlon Sounds awesome!
2007/09/30 Mightyman (Half) Triathlon It'll be a first...
2007/10/21 Norwood 5k Run Date unsure
2007/11/04 NYC Marathon Run Entered the lottery
2007/11/23 Rockland Lake 5m Run
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