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[edit] 2009

[edit] January

[edit] Fairlawn 5k

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nice, flat 5k. Considering what was the night before, a 7:26 pace was pretty darn good.

[edit] May

[edit] NJ Half Marathon

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spent the week prior to the race working 24x7 and never created a race plan. On race day, I tried to remember what pace I was shooting for. With all the race craziness, I didn't realize until about half way through that I was running too slow (which is why I felt so good!). So, it was too late to make much of a difference.

Distance Time Pace
13.1 miles 1:46:38 8:08

[edit] Ragnar Relay NY

Sunday, May 15-16, 2009

First, let me say that this was the most AWESOME experience I've ever had doing a race. 181.8 miles, 12 great teammates, a little over 24 hours, and a hell of a lot of sweat!! We ran from Kingston/Woodstock to the Bronx. Totally awesome!

Logistics: There were 2 vans with 6 team members in each. Van 1 starts the race with runner #1. The runner does their leg (which is about 4-8 miles, depending), and then hands off the runner #2. This continues until all 6 runners run their legs, at which point, van 1 hands off to van 2, and they follow the same pattern. This repeats 3 times. Each runner will have run about 15 miles in three legs.

When you van is not active, you can get something to eat or sleep. There was no real sleeping going on though because of the adrenaline rush we all had. And, by the end, no one really wanted to eat much either.

The interesting thing to note here, is that a typical half or full marathon is run at the appropriate pace for the distance (typically, aerobically). For these legs, since the distance is shorter, the pressure is there to run them at their respective "distance pace", i.e. a 6 mile leg will be run at a 10k pace which is typically anaerobic. For me, this caused a lot of lactic acid build up and made the last leg a total mind game. Essentially, my mind carried me through the last two miles because my body was no longer participating. Boy, did it feel good to finish on so many levels.

Our team, Team Bit'Chin (Pat Chin was our captain) finished 13 overall (out of 64 finishing teams), and 4th in our category (Open Male - even though we had 4 women, we needed 6 to be a Mixed team). Quite frankly, I was shocked with such an excellent result. On a personal level, I recoded my first sub-7 minute mile, with a 6:44 at 3:30am running into Cold Spring, NY. Granted, it was down hill, but it was also after a really "Very Hard" (their rating, not mine) 6.8 mile leg that was also all down hill and killed my quads big time, and gave me blisters on both feet. Ouch!

Here are some photos.

[edit] Ridgewood 10k / 5k

Monday, May 25, 2009

The 10k went pretty much as planned. I PR'ed by a small margin (7:40 pace). I did, however, overcook the start, and suffered miserably for the last 2 miles. Alas... Need to be careful of that in the future.

Tori ran the 5k. Let's just say that it was her first 5k and she PR'ed. I know she can go a LOT faster.

[edit] Harriman Sprint Triathlon

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The race was OK. The swim was great - took a full minute off my 2007 time. But my legs felt like lead going up the hills on the bike. I actually added 2 minutes. The run was par - probably could have pushed that harder because I felt fairly strong at the end.

The P2C felt kind of squirrelly going down the hill with the Zipps, a slight cross wind and the wet roads, so I backed off - probably didn't help my time any.

All in all, I'm ok with my performance, but James did great. I was out of the water well before him, and he passed me about mile 7 (going up hill) and finished strong. Arland was finishing the race as I was going out on the run!!

The rain did end before the race start, but the humidity was terrible - my glasses never "unfogged".

frameless frameless frameless Thanks for the photos James!

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